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Oklahoma City's Premier Extraction Company

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About Us

Why BEE Elevated?

Our objective has always been to build a brand that pays homage to the state of Oklahoma, represents the cannabis community, and bears a name and logo that could be worn in all public places helping to destigmatize cannabis use. 

The honey bee is the official state insect of Oklahoma, and we included our city skyline on our logo.  We're proud of our state and will continue pushing to move it forward in the cannabis industry.

Finally, if I have to explain "Elevated" to you, you're doing it wrong and should contact us for help!


What Our Satisfied Clients Have to Say

"Amazing products!!! Some of the best I have ever had. 5 stars isn’t even enough stars… 6 is more like it."


"Hands down absolutely AMAZING!!! I’ve tried multiple products from this company and it still has me coming back over a year later, but not instead of craving delicious sour gummy worms, it’s these capsules!!!"


"Wholly honey shots were delicious. I’ve had the stinger bar, their hard candies and the They all hit the spot, can’t wait to try more of their product line."


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